New Zealand

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Yes this a project I did in the past that is located in New Zealand. It depicts a interior shot of one of the studio rooms
in the proposed motel.


Past Project

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The following image is a rendering of residence in a new development down in Miami
This project was done several months ago. I have just recently had a chance to work on my blog.

Rendering of a new develpoment

More images involving the “football” project

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I am uploading a couple of images dealing with the football project that was mentioned in the previous post.

football scene

The next image depicts a 3d model of NFL type player that was incorporated into the scene.

3d model of NFL type of football player

New project

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I recently completed a interesting project for a company that has business connections with the NFLPA. The project consisted of creating a 3d scene of a NFL style stadium for the purpose of importing into their 3d animation video program. The project also included constructing 3d football players. The following image depicts the stadium.

NFL type stadium

New 3d rendering of a assisted living care facility

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The latest rendering depicts a renovated/new addition assisted living health care facility in West Palm Beach, Florida

Proposed Health care facity addition

Revision of the Vineyard project

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The 3d rendering depicted is a work in progress image showing the revision of the topography.

3d rendering of a vineyard, winery in Virginia

New 3d rendering of a Church bookstore

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Rendering of proposed church bookstore Tacoma, Washington

Church bookstore